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‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Is Hated In Her Hometown

'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Is Hated In Her Hometown

It’s not just the entire viewing audience of MTV’s Teen Mom who hates Amber Portwood – an op-ed in her hometown newspaper makes it sound like the people who actually have to live with her aren’t terribly happy about it.

The Anderson Bulletin, the local newspaper for Anderson, Indiana, ran an editorial last week by a hometown resident who is none too pleased about Anderson’s most infamous resident and how she makes their community appear on television. Amber – who is never mentioned by name in the piece – is correctly vilified for abusing her on-again off-again fiance Gary (and the father of her child) on national television. But the anonymous author doesn’t just hate Amber – he or she is angry with MTV’s content as well. More »

Indiana Jones Straw Hat

Indiana Jones Straw Hat

   Image via Hat Shopping If you still have the Indiana Jones fever, and the adventure spirit is tinggling inside you, then brace your imagination and satisfy it with this Indiana Jones Straw Hat. From fighting poisonous vipers, adventuring deep … More »