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The Editors Discuss: How To Seduce A Married Man

The Editors Discuss: How To Seduce A Married Man

Esquire recently published a feature entitled “Why We Cheat” by Lisa Taddeo, which details her trysts with married men in elaborately, impressively purple prose. TheGloss is appalled all over and we think a better title might be, “Why Lisa Taddeo Is An Asshole,” because she spends a few thousand words explaining how being on the “side of the winners” is all about hating other women but loving to fuck their husbands! Actual sentence: “Every time I meet a married woman, I think about the things she does that likely annoy her husband.” Anyway, editors Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff are still reeling. Here, they dissect infidelity, why they wouldn’t fuck each other’s husbands and all the awesome shit they’ll do for their husbands to keep them from sleeping with Lisa Taddeo (like rappelling from ceilings unexpectedly)! More »

Party Favors: Leave MJ Alone

Party Favors: Leave MJ Alone

The politics of looking at Michael Jackson‘s corpse. -DoubleX

“Why I Got A Buzzcut.” -The Frisky

I want a beetlejuice plant. -StyleList Home

Famous people talk about the… benefits… of infidelity. -YourTango

Techniques for transforming your relationships with men. -The Hairpin

Black and white and floral all over. Like Kate Moss. -College Candy

Vogue‘s Hamish Bowles auditioned for X Factor and it was delightful. -Styleite

Wedding beauty prep begins a whole year before the big day?! -Birchbox

Concerning Fall denim. -Refinery29

Burberry is releasing a single…? -The High Low

It is possible to eat healthy on the cheap. -YouBeauty

And wear tuxedo blazers. -The Budget Babe

Sarah Jessica Parker knows a lot about shoes. -StyleList

Technology x Beauty. -Betty Confidential

Party Favors: Happy People Tend Not To Cheat

Party Favors: Happy People Tend Not To Cheat

Sexual liberation and its possibly surprising influence on infidelity. -DoubleX

The hugely influential Dieter Rams gets some museum respect. -ShelterPop

NEWS: women still like bankers, firemen. -YourTango

Grammar and Courtney Stodden. -The Frisky

A discussion: back-to-school clothes. -The Hairpin

Adele‘s figure is out of sight for British Vogue. -Styleite

Ridiculously great: customize your own blazer! -Refinery29

Model-turned-actress Jamie King rounds up some favorite flats. -StyleList

10 Twitter must-follows for NYFW. -The High Low

Kate Middleton‘s Burberry trench inspiration. -Betty Confidential

…While Sarah Jessica Parker went simple and restrained in a gray trench. -The Budget Babe

Beauty ideas: berry lips with bold retro liner. -Birchbox

‘Everything in moderation’ may not be so sound. -YouBeauty

Party Favors: DIY Project For A Summer Staple

Party Favors: DIY Project For A Summer Staple

A bizarre use for many spare Popsicle sticks. -DIYLife

Pop culture’s 15 most memorable beehives. -The Frisky

A new study on cheating reveals some interesting reasons why people stray. -College Candy

Happy Meals inch closer to Healthy Meals. -DoubleX

Recent Google searches. -The Hairpin

Are childfree couples selfish? -YourTango

Sephora has released an ambitious new app. -The High Low

Guess which fashion house is releasing a (presumably gorgeous) debut perfume? -Refinery29

Um! Hello Kitty is also releasing a perfume. -Betty Confidential

Models are taking over the movies! -Styleite

Speaking of models, Alessandra Ambrosio is summer ready. -The Budget Babe

How your skin ages. -YouBeauty

Summer beauty sins you should definitely avoid. -Birchbox

Party Favorites: I Have To Return Some Videotapes

Party Favorites: I Have To Return Some Videotapes

“Dude has an issue with ladies, ladies with their tiresome “thoughts” and “emotions,” and none of these characters has a single problem that couldn’t be cured in two steps: Stop doing coke, stop banging hookers.” -The Hairpin

Excise workday baggage from your home. -ShelterPop

Concerning the act of breastfeeding. -DoubleX

“I made out with a married man and then I told his wife.” -YourTango

6 things (allegedly) better than sex. -College Candy

How to look lovely in accordion pleats. -Betty Confidential

Supermodel Sasha Pivovarova will play a grandmother in a movie (about aging, thankfully). -Styleite

Easy summer buns to beat the heat. -Refinery29

5 beauty disasters to avoid this summer. -Birchbox

Kelly Rowland wore head-to-toe designer taupe. -The Budget Babe

How Saks will celebrate marriage equality. -The High Low

Jeans from the future. -YouBeauty

Party Favors: At Last, The Enigmatic ‘Trick Of A Tiny Belly’ Revealed

Party Favors: At Last, The Enigmatic 'Trick Of A Tiny Belly' Revealed

Clicking those #1 trick to a tiny belly ads. -The Hairpin

Guarding your relationship against the recession. -YourTango

Using skateboards to paint an empty swimming pool. -ShelterPop

Versace deleted Facebook posts in protest of the label’s use of sandblasting. -The High Low

Surprising things you find in genes: infidelity. -MyDaily

All hail Angelica Huston and her amazing style. -The Frisky

Carla Bruni is most definitely pregnant. -Styleite

The ladies of Vena Cava invite you inside their studio. -Refinery29

Anna Hathaway got in on the sheer maxi skirt trend. -StyleList

Peach makeup looks good all over your face for summer. -Birchbox

Sink or swim: Diane Kruger‘s neon belted gown. -College Candy

Party Favors: Pillows And Flowers For Friday

Party Favors: Pillows And Flowers For Friday

Extremely pretty DIY paper peonies. -The Hairpin

I’m not one for astrology but I’m kind of charmed by these crustacean pillows. -ShelterPop

The case against Dominique Strauss-Kahn is weakening. -DoubleX

Infidelity may be genetic. -MyDaily

So you married a sociopath. -YourTango

6 party perfect Summer hairstyle and dress combinations to rock (hopefully) this holiday weekend. -Refinery29

And some more good July 4th-inspired fashion to go with. -The High Low

Has anyone else noticed how on-point Liv Tyler is lately? Here’s her style evolution as evidence. -StyleList

Pageant mom forcibly bleaches her kids’ teeth. -Styleite

Bradley Cooper with dreadlocks, holding a baby tiger. -The Frisky

Perhaps the most uncomfortable shoes ever. -College Candy

Back facials? …6 ways to make your back sexier. -Betty Confidential