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How To Take Compliments: A Guide For The Insecure Woman

How To Take Compliments: A Guide For The Insecure Woman

The other day, our writer Amanda reflected on how she wishes she could learn to take a compliment after an uncomfortable incident with a flattering partner. For those who hate links, the gist of the situation: he called her sexy, she got annoyed, he insisted she learn to take a compliment, she got angry, he got upset, she told him he would soon lose a testicle if he pushed the discussion further. As she wrote, all Amanda really wants to say to those who flatter her is, “Shut the fuck up and quit being nice for the sake of being nice,” but wondered if anybody else had advice on how to take a compliment.

Including some suggestions from you readers, here are a few recommendations for those (myself included) who have a bit of a hard time with flattery. More »

Why I Will Always Be Afraid Of Walking Alone

Why I Will Always Be Afraid Of Walking Alone

One evening, I took the train with a friend for the first time. It was the middle of winter, so the sun went down before 5 PM each night. Since I had never been on the train before, I grossly underestimated how long it would take to get home; by the time I got to my stop, it was already dark. I got off and quickly walked in the direction of my house.

Then I heard it: scrrraaaaape. More »

Party Favors: Cats Are Gross

Party Favors: Cats Are Gross

Get rid of your cats! They are revolting. -The Hairpin

Diane Keaton has a home line. -ShelterPop

Why no one wants to marry the jobless. -Double X

Sexually insecure people are more likely to do this. -MyDaily

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Khloe Kardashian with her $10,000 canary yellow Birkin. -College Candy

Party Favors: Your Decor Is Aging You…?

Party Favors: Your Decor Is Aging You...?

Want to look younger? Start with the home?! -ShelterPop

The best time I became a slutty couch surfer. -The Hairpin

One woman wonders if it’s time to give up this. -MyDaily

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“Drinking, rape and feminism. Let’s be pragmatic.” -DoubleX

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Keira Knightley in nude Rodarte. -College Candy

The fragrance family wheel. -Birchbox

Ready-to-Click: A Fashion Magazine For Female Terrorists Exists

Ready-to-Click: A Fashion Magazine For Female Terrorists Exists

Al Qaeda has launched a glossy jihadist lady magazine called Al-Shamikha, where “features on suicide bombings run alongside beauty columns.” -Styleite

A new study says that women whose self-esteem was linked to how others perceived them had a significantly more active social media presence. -MyDaily

Jeremy Irons is still ridiculously hot, so it should surprise no one that his son Max has blossomed into much the same. -The Frisky

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