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Gallery: Let’s Judge Chloë Sevigny Based On What Her Apartment Looks Like Inside

Gallery: Let's Judge Chloë Sevigny Based On What Her Apartment Looks Like Inside

What’s more fun than looking inside of other people’s houses? Looking inside the houses of stylish celebrities you still aren’t sure if you like or not. And lucky me, New York Magazine’s May cover spread of Chloë Sevigny‘s adorably outfitted East Village apartment scratches just that very specific itch. Will these photos make me like her less, or more? Well, let’s see. More »

Gallery: Inside Ed Hardy Designer Christian Audigier’s Predictably Hideous California Mansion

Gallery: Inside Ed Hardy Designer Christian Audigier's Predictably Hideous California Mansion

Founder and designer of the much-maligned Ed Hardy label, Christian Audigier, has put a few of his California properties on the market recently. The following is a tour of his hacienda in Topanga, which is not a made-up name for Corey’s girlfriend on Boy Meets World and as a native Californian, this is blowing my mind. Anyway, the asking price is $7.65 million and comes with all the steer skulls and fur throes you could ever dream of having. Anyway, we’re sure somewhere Jon Gosselin and Tara Reid are saving pennies for their dream home/sitcom premise, but until then, let’s just take a look and appreciate all the bad taste on display. I’ll be the pushy real estate agent, you be the sucker. Let’s do this, baby. More »

Party Favors: Women Can Only Write About 1 Subject

Party Favors: Women Can Only Write About 1 Subject

If they want the cover, anyway. -DoubleX

More gnarly shots of model foot carnage on the runway. -The Frisky

Difficult breakups by the astonishing numbers. -The Hairpin

The worst Halloween costumes on the market. -Betty Confidential

Creative uses for all those extra doors you have lying around. -StyleList Home

The worst hair of Paris Fashion Week! -Refinery29

Black and white and floral all over. Like Kate Moss. -College Candy

Vogue‘s Hamish Bowles auditioned for X Factor and it was delightful. -Styleite

Wedding beauty prep begins a whole year before the big day?! -Birchbox

Burberry is releasing a single…? -The High Low

It is possible to eat healthy on the cheap. -YouBeauty

And wear tuxedo blazers. -The Budget Babe

Sarah Jessica Parker knows a lot about shoes. -StyleList

Technology x Beauty. -Betty Confidential

Party Favors: Pillows And Flowers For Friday

Party Favors: Pillows And Flowers For Friday

Extremely pretty DIY paper peonies. -The Hairpin

I’m not one for astrology but I’m kind of charmed by these crustacean pillows. -ShelterPop

The case against Dominique Strauss-Kahn is weakening. -DoubleX

Infidelity may be genetic. -MyDaily

So you married a sociopath. -YourTango

6 party perfect Summer hairstyle and dress combinations to rock (hopefully) this holiday weekend. -Refinery29

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Has anyone else noticed how on-point Liv Tyler is lately? Here’s her style evolution as evidence. -StyleList

Pageant mom forcibly bleaches her kids’ teeth. -Styleite

Bradley Cooper with dreadlocks, holding a baby tiger. -The Frisky

Perhaps the most uncomfortable shoes ever. -College Candy

Back facials? …6 ways to make your back sexier. -Betty Confidential

Party Favors: Get Your Face Off Of Your Wall!

Party Favors: Get Your Face Off Of Your Wall!

The pros and cons of “auto-decorating.” -ShelterPop

Concerning the Supreme Court and Anna Nicole Smith. -Double X

A lady’s guide to anti-aging cream. -The Hairpin

The best travel sites for summer getaways. -YourTango

A 90-year-old woman has found a husband with -MyDaily

“Unless you get really jazzed about scrota, [the new Mugler campaign video is] nothing to write home about. -Styleite

Fashion appropriating iconic images throughout art history. -Jezebel

L’Oreal can help you find the perfect (L’Oreal) lipstick. -The High Low

Liv Tyler looks great in Stella McCartney. -StyleList

While Elle Fanning wore a delicate Marc Jacobs. -College Candy

Glowing skin and a bold lip for summer. -Birchbox

Sally Hansen’s crackle overcoat is gaining quite a following. -Betty Confidential

Gallery: Design Tips from Jan Showers

Gallery: Design Tips from Jan Showers

Today and yesterday, I’ve been at the Design Bloggers Conference at the fabulous Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills. Amid presentations about how to build a blog and how to create traffic, we’ve heard from some renown interior designers with tips on decorating homes.

First up, we have the suggestions of inimitable Texan designer Jan Showers, whose style and collection emphasizes understated glamour. More »