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12 Ways To Meet Potential Dates That Actually Work (And Aren’t OKCupid)

12 Ways To Meet Potential Dates That Actually Work (And Aren't OKCupid)

Rather than aimlessly wander through the rocky relationship terrain without any idea how to get to your desired destination, try these means by which to meet people — they’re like GPS for your love life. Some are in-person, some are online, some are through friends (but better than a blind date). All are easier and more fun than hitting the bars, hoping somebody with decent breath and a blood alcohol content of less than .23 will approach you. And you won’t even have to wander through tons of shirtless dudes taking mirror shots of their abs (hi, OKCupid). More »

Chasing Thirty: Bring Back the Landline

Chasing Thirty: Bring Back the Landline

When you’re approaching thirty, you find that for the first time your nostalgia is meaningful. Meaningful because you remember things from a legitimately bygone era and you’ve likely seen some major trends come and go. There’s a world that you knew that not only the children of today but also the nascent adult masses—the college co-eds and the interns—will never know. Take for instance the telephone. More »

Party Favors: Old People Still Like Sex

Party Favors: Old People Still Like Sex

In 2010, 43,869,800 people changed their Facebook relationship status to “single,” while only 28,460,516 changed their status to “in a relationship.” But what about “it’s complicated”? – Mashable

A new study says that old guys are still interested in sex. The ghost of Anna Nicole Smith could not be reached for comment. – YourTango

If you have a friend who has a problem with drunk texting (or if you’re the friend with the problem), here’s how you can help. – College Candy

In a cruel joke from the universe, all the country’s single men are in LA and all the single women are in New York. Every female friend I have just replied “Yeah, duh.” – Nerve

Would you do porn if you were broke and needed to support your family? Vivid Video has made an offer to Nadya “Octomom” Suleman, whose house is in foreclosure, and is hoping she’ll say yes. – The Frisky More »