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Pro Basketball Player JJ Redick Reportedly Had “Abortion Contract” With Girlfriend

Pro Basketball Player JJ Redick Reportedly Had "Abortion Contract" With Girlfriend

e have no idea how to write an irreverent lede for a story like this, so let’s just get down to brass tacks: back in 2007, Milwaukee Bucks player JJ Redick reportedly entered into what media outlets are calling an “abortion contract” with onetime girlfriend Vanessa Lopez, model and former mistress to Shaquille O’Neal. Lopez, we deduce from the documents, had gotten pregnant and the newly-surfaced paperwork represents an agreement between she and Redick that she’d receive an abortion. And prizes! More »

Irish Man Opens Fake Hollister Store In His Own Home

Irish Man Opens Fake Hollister Store In His Own Home

There is only one Hollister Co. in the whole of Ireland. If you’re like us, you’d say that’s one Hollister too many. But, plenty of people really like shirtless dudes in darkened mall bungalows, so an enterprising 27-year-old man in Ireland named Max Kulczynski decided to fill that hole in the market: he began offering the full body spray and shadow experience in his very own fake Hollister.
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Australia Wisely Outlaws Tanning Beds

Australia Wisely Outlaws Tanning Beds

Australia’s melanoma rates are the highest in the world, with 1,200 deaths a year. Round after round of public health campaigns have urged locals to use sunscreen, wear hats and avoid sun during the hottest parts of the day. Now, the country’s most populous state–New South Wales, home of Sydney and the whole of the Capital Territory–has taken the campaigns a step further and banned the use of tanning beds. More »

Link Love: The Day Karl Lagerfeld Didn’t Like More Things

Link Love: The Day Karl Lagerfeld Didn't Like More Things

Karl Lagerfeld hates the Chanel movies, everything. -T Magazine

Margiela does Spirit Hoods one better with this giant fur headdress. -Fashion Indie

After ten years of opulent beauty freebies, ousted Lucky editor Kim France talks what she’ll actually be spending her money on. -Slate

Miranda Kerr is six months pregnant and, unsurprisingly, looks like a supermodel with a tiny pot belly. Also, NSFW if your work isn’t down with arty black and whites of topless pregnant ladies. -W

If you’re going to rip off an idea, maybe something less obvious than the handbag shaped like a rabbit? -Fashionista

Katy Perry’s nails, Kate Moss for Topshop rumors, Haider Ackermann creeping on New Yorkers and More »