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‘Jersey Shore’ Vocabulary Lesson for Tonight’s Season Finale

'Jersey Shore' Vocabulary Lesson for Tonight's Season Finale

In case you didn’t know, some of us at TheGloss are pretty much obsessed with the Jersey Shore. In case you also didn’t know, the season two finale is tomorrow night and we’re pretty stoked. And by pretty stoked I mean, we’ve been talking about it in the office like … a lot. If there’s one thing about season finale’s it’s that it brings people together. So tomorrow night, when you realize that the whole city is quiet between the hours of 10 and 11 p.m., it’s because you’re a sinner and don’t watch the Jersey Shore. So since you’re going to find yourself at someone’s house watching this magical show regardless if you’re a fan or not, I’m going to save you from humiliation and give you some key glossary terms. And afterwards, you will thank me because you will forever be enlightened and enriched with the culture that is guido. More »

Link Love: The Day Our Love for J-Woww was Exposed as Completely Unironic

Link Love: The Day Our Love for J-Woww was Exposed as Completely Unironic

Great-souled woman J-Woww has been forced to shutter Filthy Couture. – Fashionista

Coco Rocha wore “pointy, black” Nine West pumps to her first casting. – The Frisky

Bruno Frissoni wants his new Roger Vivier collection to be “more affordable than couture.” Unsurprisingly, the showcased shoe is $4,250. – New York Times Magazine

The Proenza Schouler boys apparently have a farm and are “getting the land ready for winter.” They also have livestock. – The Cut
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