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Hot Older Men We’d Happily Sleep With

Hot Older Men We'd Happily Sleep With

Okay, look. This is actually a Fuck Marry Kill involving Jack Nicholson, Wearren Beatty and Jeremy Irons, in honor of our debate earlier this week on whether or not 23-year-olds should be having sex with other 23-year-olds (as opposed to aging bankers). We were surprised that a number of the comments were so negative–”Any man in his 40s who is looking to date a 23 year old has issues. He either has a daddy complex or is desperately trying to recapture his youth via a trophy girlfriend”–what with plenty of older men being so attractive in their own right. Anyway, we tried to play Fuck Marry Kill, but the conversation kind of just devolved into a discussion of men over 60 we find hot. You can still submit your FMK votes at the end, though. More »