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Jackie Kennedy’s Hairdresser: Further Fun Facts I Expect Him To Reveal

Jackie Kennedy's Hairdresser: Further Fun Facts I Expect Him To Reveal

Did you read the interview with Jackie Kennedy’s hairdresser where he told all? He actually told very little to Page Six. He told some basic stuff you might have expected, which, frankly, is less scandalous than the time Karl Lagerfeld claimed Jackie wore fake Chanel. According to Page Six, hairdresser Edgar Montalvo said

“She cursed just like anybody,” he said. “I once told her, ‘Jackie, there’s a photographer behind your house,’ and she’d say, ‘That son of a bitch!’ There was one particular photographer who I think she had a court order against.”

I mean, that was the famously invasive Ron Galella, who Marlon Brando once punched directly in the face. He dressed up as a greek sailor so he could take pictures of Jackie O in a bikini so, yeah, I think it’s understandable that she was not crazy about him.

Cursed. Cursed just like anybody.

And then Jackie Kennedy’s hairdresser goes on to casually mention that he really hated Nancy Reagan.

These are some further facts I expect Jackie Kennedy’s hairdresser to reveal in his tell-all. More »

Jackie Kennedy’s Hat Is Lost!

Jackie Kennedy's Hat Is Lost!

According to the LA Times: The pillbox hat — removed at Parkland Hospital while Mrs. Kennedy waited for doctors to confirm what she already knew [Kennedy's death] — is lost, last known to be in the hands of her personal secretary, who won’t discuss its whereabouts.

We think it’s whereabouts may well be on the black market. We’d buy it, probably. Unfortunately, we’d all wear it the next day, most likely be arrested. More »