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Party Favors: What Is Language?

Party Favors: What Is Language?

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Fashion 101: Pain Is Beauty

Fashion 101: Pain Is Beauty

I love high heels. Not in the Carrie Bradshaw “walking 40 blocks in $400 shoes” Manolo fetishist kind of way, or anything. I just love them. I love that they are pretty. I love that they are womanly and glamorous. I love that they make me taller. I love the way my legs look in them. But most of all, I love that they make me feel powerful. I love my high heels, but they do not return my love. In fact, they turned on me.

A few weeks back, I noticed soreness in my foot; I ignored it. I began walking with a limp; I still ignored it. It got so bad that last week, after a lovely dinner with girlfriends, my friend Ana had to literally carry me home on her back when we couldn’t get a cab because it hurt too much to walk even a few steps. So I broke down and went to the doctor. And it turns out I have a stress fracture. More »

Things That Should Not Exist: The Word ‘Treggings’

Things That Should Not Exist: The Word 'Treggings'

First, there were leggings. And when those weren’t bad enough, there were jeggings. Once my mom had heard of jeggings, I thought they’d go away. But instead they spun off into “treggings” – trouser leggings, so sayeth H&M in their new billboards. The leggings are made in stretch fabrics that are supposed to resemble corduroy, leather, wool, and the like. Since the ones in this particular ad are light brown, I was sort of hoping they’d be “tree leggings” because you’re supposed to look like a stick when you wear them. No such luck. More »