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Here’s Your First Look At Jennifer Aniston As A Stripper

Here's Your First Look At Jennifer Aniston As A Stripper

Jennifer Aniston has a new movie coming out this August called We’re The Millersthe trailer just arrived online and we’re finally getting proof that she does indeed play a stripper. While Jennifer Aniston as a stripper seems like a pretty unlikely casting choice (given that for most of her career she’s played the ultimate nice, wholesomely funny lady next door), she is preternaturally toned.

And wearing a hilarious wig! More »

Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding Details

Jennifer Aniston's Wedding Details

Jen’s wedding colors will be turquoise, being a good sport, and “Lean In,” Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s new book.

Guests who are unable to demonstrate their ability to “have it all” will be turned away at the door.

Each member of the bridal party will be given a rescue dog; if they already have a rescue dog, their rescue dog will be given a seeing-eye dog. More »

Maybe Jennifer Aniston Just Isn’t Funny

Maybe Jennifer Aniston Just Isn't Funny

Look, I’ve seen Friends. I know there were times when Jennifer Aniston was funny. She’s amazingly charming all through Friends. I have laughed at things her character did on the show! But maybe that was just the writing and the strength of the other cast members, and something about the time period? And the haircut?

Because, when I watch her in ads like this one I realize that she is really, terribly, terribly unfunny. More »