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Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Breasts Will Save Lifetime’s The Client List

Jennifer Love Hewittâs Breasts Will Save Lifetimeâs The Client List

Lifetime‘s new series The Client List has everything that the network’s loyal viewers love: Bad dialogue, characters who change their personality on a dime, and the utter logic of a former pageant queen giving happy endings to keep her children in their Texas mansion. Somehow, all of these qualities that would brand a show as bad on a major network work in perfect tandem to make The Client List laughably entertaining and sopay.

But even with this strange confluence of bad qualities, there’s no guarantee that the show will last past a few episodes. Why did the producers decide that they could afford the risk of turning a story that was already a two-hour guilty-pleasure TV movie into a bonafide weekly series? Because they had their ace in the hole, that unites the show’s many empirically bad qualities and will draw in viewers: Jennifer Love-Hewitt‘s breasts. More »

Gallery: The Six Most Stereotypically Maxim-y Quotes From Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Cover Story

Gallery: The Six Most Stereotypically Maxim-y Quotes From Jennifer Love Hewitt's Cover Story

Maxim‘s April cover story on Jennifer Love Hewitt might be the most stereotypically Maxim-y thing I’ve seen from them in quite some time, and that’s saying something. (Full disclosure: I do not read Maxim regularly.) It’s littered with quotes about how she loves pole dancing and baking cakes (sometimes at the same time!), and it looks like they Photoshopped her head onto some kind of plastic Barbie body. All in all, it’s quite the hot mess (of sexiness). Why, it’s almost like Jennifer has done market research on how to appeal to the Maxim demographic as much as possible so that they’ll tune into her prostitute mom show. Joke’s on you, Maxim readers! More »

An Open Letter to Wilmer Valderrama

An Open Letter to Wilmer Valderrama

Dear Wilmer,

So I hear you’re dating Demi Lovato. I’m sure she really needs your love in her life right now since she has all these demons to face and rehab to get out of and stuff. So your love and attention is probably a blessing for her right now. Oh wait, except it probably isn’t. In fact, it’s probably the exact opposite of a blessing. And why is that? Because you’re a skeeze who dates starlets and then dumps them as soon as they start zeroing in on their nineteenth birthdays, and then tells sex stories about them on Howard Stern. Before you try to do your “I’m a foreigner” accent again and feign innocence, let me jog your memory for a bit. More »

9 Disney Channel Actresses Who Beat the Curse

9 Disney Channel Actresses Who Beat the Curse

Everyone’s talking about “The Disney Channel Curse” thanks to Demi Lovato‘s reps revealing she’s headed to rehab. Demi is not the first Disney star to stray from the “goody-goody” reputation Disney likes to put out for its tween audience. Miley, Lindsay, Britney. They’ve all had their stunts (Miley’s being that she’s just being Miley) to break out from Disney’s shadow. But people are forgetting about those Disney actresses who have made it through the rough and never ended up in rehab for emotional distress or drugs or alcohol, or as a half-naked minor on stage. Being a Disney Channel star is clearly rough. And it’s these girls who have embraced being in the limelight and used it to benefit their careers and reputation that people should be talking about. More »