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Villainess Style: Lucrezia Borgia

Villainess Style: Lucrezia Borgia

Once again, we are celebrating a bad woman with a good sense of style. This week, it is Lucrezia Borgia! Who, admittedly, probably wasn’t as good at poisoning people as a lot of people think. No matter. The Borgias is back on, and I want to encourage Jeremy Irons – in a roundabout way – to stick with doing something that makes him seem like a sexy older man, and not a full on crazy human being. Let’s do that through this shopping guide. More »

Hot Older Men We’d Happily Sleep With

Hot Older Men We'd Happily Sleep With

Okay, look. This is actually a Fuck Marry Kill involving Jack Nicholson, Wearren Beatty and Jeremy Irons, in honor of our debate earlier this week on whether or not 23-year-olds should be having sex with other 23-year-olds (as opposed to aging bankers). We were surprised that a number of the comments were so negative–”Any man in his 40s who is looking to date a 23 year old has issues. He either has a daddy complex or is desperately trying to recapture his youth via a trophy girlfriend”–what with plenty of older men being so attractive in their own right. Anyway, we tried to play Fuck Marry Kill, but the conversation kind of just devolved into a discussion of men over 60 we find hot. You can still submit your FMK votes at the end, though. More »

Jeremy Irons’ Hot Son Max Is Modeling For Macy’s

Jeremy Irons' Hot Son Max Is Modeling For Macy's

TheGloss has a longstanding thing* for Jeremy Irons but it may be time to let go: the actor’s equally hot son, Max Irons, just snagged another modeling gig and here he is looking pretty fantastic as the face of  Macy’s INC. The 26-year-old also-actor has modeled for Burberry previously and will next appear in sure-to-be-ubiquitous Stephanie Meyer adaptation The Host. Enjoy him before he’s overexposed. More »

The Editors Discuss: The Terrible Movie Based On H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine

The Editors Discuss: The Terrible Movie Based On H.G. Wells' The Time Machine

Okay, this is pretty esoteric (even for us) but, do you guys remember The Time Machine? It was pretty much universally derided as a shameful piece of shit. It came up pretty randomly this afternoon. Deputy Editor Ashley Cardiff hasn’t seen it since it came out while EIC Jennifer Wright loves the original story by HG Wells and has seen the movie more times than she’d like to admit. Ashley thought Jennifer should explain to her what the movie was about, like they did recently with The Lion King. The only problem was Jennifer didn’t have time to assemble the slides, so Ashley had to do it.

…Albino dinosaur Jeremy Irons and more ahead. More »

Real Talk: What Is The Hottest Movie Sex Scene?

Real Talk: What Is The Hottest Movie Sex Scene?

Sometimes a sex scene is necessary for character development. Sometimes a sex scene is genuinely provocative. Most of the time, a sex scene is just an opportunity for the world to see a famous lady’s breasts. Here are some of your favorites, from the subtle and art-y to the purely hot to that time thousands of teenage boys were devastated by Neve Campbell not getting naked in Wild Things. More »

Ready-to-Click: A Fashion Magazine For Female Terrorists Exists

Ready-to-Click: A Fashion Magazine For Female Terrorists Exists

Al Qaeda has launched a glossy jihadist lady magazine called Al-Shamikha, where “features on suicide bombings run alongside beauty columns.” -Styleite

A new study says that women whose self-esteem was linked to how others perceived them had a significantly more active social media presence. -MyDaily

Jeremy Irons is still ridiculously hot, so it should surprise no one that his son Max has blossomed into much the same. -The Frisky

Emma Roberts shares her beauty tips, neglects to mention that one of them is “being related to Julia Roberts.” -Betty Confidential

Can an L.A.-based blogger make Walmart fashionable? -Refinery29

What are the grossest things college kids will drink? -College Candy More »