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Snooki’s New Tattoo Is Horrible

Snooki's New Tattoo Is Horrible

Sometimes we try to dress things up and offer an interesting perspective on the news, but not today. Jersey Shore‘s Nicole Polizzi (AKA Snooki) got a tattoo… possibly the most awful ever? Sure, it’s not a cat’s butt or anything, but as far as tattoos that aren’t intended as ridiculous go, “swerve of tiger-print stars across your shoulder” may be the worst. More »

Gallery: Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino Has Released A Line Of Hideous Tuxedos

Gallery: Michael "The Situation" Sorrentino Has Released A Line Of Hideous Tuxedos

The Situation AKA Michael Sorrentino (of Jersey Shore infamy) will be coming to a mall and subsequent frat wedding near you. He is “collaborating” on a collection of deeply ugly tuxedos for FLOW Formal Wear, who approached him because (get ready) “I’m a trendsetter. DTF has a new meaning: Down to Formal! I’m really excited to show a classier, more sophisticated side of myself.” Here is the lookbook, full with satin-y finishes, poor life decisions and plenty of challenging material for ironists. Be warned: there is so much elegance and sophistication ahead, your face may sprout its own natural monacle. More »