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My Own Slut-O-Ween Story: I Was A Third-Grade Jessica Rabbit

My Own Slut-O-Ween Story: I Was A Third-Grade Jessica Rabbit

Who Framed Roger Rabbit came out in 1988, and I thought it was the greatest movie ever made. In retrospect, I’m pretty sure my seven-year-old self didn’t understand half of what was happening on the screen or even what the word “framed” meant, but I adored everything about that movie, especially Jessica Rabbit. What wasn’t there to idolize? She had Veronica Lake’s hair, Bette Davis’ bitchface, Kathleen Turner’s voice, and purple satin opera gloves like Miss Piggy. As we left the theater, I told my mother that I intended to dress like Jessica Rabbit for Halloween. More »

Party Favors: I’m Married To Superman

Party Favors: I'm Married To Superman

Remember that congressman who resigned over his Craigslist personals ad? Well, it turns out it might not just have been women he was hunting for… – Gawker

This couple’s cartoon wedding included such spectacular moments as the bride, who was Jessica Rabbit, walking down the aisle to the tune of the Star Wars theme. Now THAT’S dedication. – The Daily Mail

Notable: all the upheaval concerning Planned Parenthood and reproductive health. This has been all over the news recently; check this out and stay informed. – College Candy

A woman in Beijing posted a nude video of her 26-year-old daughter on the internet. Arranged marriage superplan? Or icky pimping-out of offspring? – Nerve

Whose sweatpants are YOU wearing? – The College Crush More »

Have You Ever Worn A Sexy Costume?

Have You Ever Worn A Sexy Costume?

I mean, to seduce someone. Not just for Halloween where wearing a sexy costume just means that you’re embracing the whoriffic aspect of the holiday. Why do I ask? I ask because on the new 90210 Anna Lynn McCord’s character wears this sexy Navi costume to seduce her love interest (they met on the Internet) (this would not have happened on the old 90210). Some questions this raises: More »