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A Man Just Sold His Wife’s $23,000 Ring For $10

A Man Just Sold His Wife's $23,000 Ring For $10

We’ve been reading a lot about people selling normal seeming items for a comical amount of money. That’s because people are idiots. However, sometimes also give away items of actual value for almost no money whatsoever. That is also because they are idiots. Or, honestly, just normal people, who misplaced things, and actually not nearly as idiotic as the people who’ll pay $68,000 for a jacket. More »

There Is An Engagement Ring Guru

There Is An Engagement Ring Guru

Are you unable to select a perfect engagement ring, and absolutely hate talking to your partner about their preferences? Does the idea of saying, “Let’s shop for an engagement ring together?” make it feel like your entire mouth is filled with poison and sandpaper? Good news! There’s an engagement ring guru who will help you shop for the ideal engagement ring for only $500. More »

Tiffany’s Hired Security On The Great Gatsby Set To Make Sure Carey Mulligan Didn’t Pocket That Bling

Tiffany's Hired Security On The Great Gatsby Set To Make Sure Carey Mulligan Didn't Pocket That Bling

We have previously established that Tiffany’s The Great Gatsby-inspired collection is incredible, but for most of us, obtaining any of that gorgeous jewelry is quite the pipe dream. The kind of people who could afford such beautiful baubles, bangles and beads are people who are famous and wealthy like, oh, I don’t know, movie stars? More »

What Your Favorite Engagement Ring Says About You

What Your Favorite Engagement Ring Says About You

I know we have disagreed a little bit lately about the kind of engagement rings we would like. If you would like to see the kind of engagement ring I would like, look above. I am going to use this picture every time I reference engagement rings until it bleeds into your brain. I am going to use it forever. I would accept variations on this theme. For instance… I could do without the tiny diamonds. I would also accept one band. One band is fine (although it looks heavy, right? Maybe it would be a bit heavy on my weird little ET fingers!)

I know that we disagree because we care, and also, you are all going to take a collection up for me – a single person – to get this ring. That’s because I know you! I see inside you, right to your pancreas, based on your ring choices! This is who you are. More »

Check Out Tiffany’s Resplendent Great Gatsby Themed Jewelry Collection

Check Out Tiffany's Resplendent Great Gatsby Themed Jewelry Collection

The decadent 1920s fashions on display in Baz Luhrmann‘s new film version of The Great Gatsby are so beautiful that it’s easy to forget they’re a symbol of some less-than-beautiful things: hubris, materialism, and the gilded cage that Tom Buchanan keeps his wife Daisy in. At least, that’s what Tiffany & Company is betting on with their Great Gatsby tie-in line of jewelry! From a diamond and pearl headpiece that costs $200,000 (pictured) to all manner of dangly baubles and jewels, this collection asks you to look at these shiny, shiny fineries and forget all about the sinister narrative role they play in the film. So sparkly. So forgetful. You will covet them like Gatsby covets Daisy: fiercely and inappropriately. More »

The Internet’s Second Favorite Pomeranian Has Landed A Luxury Jewelry Campaign

The Internet's Second Favorite Pomeranian Has Landed A Luxury Jewelry Campaign

The fashion world is always hungry for fresh new faces. Just as soon as people are starting to like you, someone younger comes along, and suddenly you’re more passé than gladiator sandals. This holds true for models of all species, which might explain why up-and-coming dog model Tito the pomeranian has already landed a luxury jewelry campaign for Tous despite only having amassed 103 “likes” on his Facebook page. (Knock knock. Who’s there? Boo. Boo who? Exactly.) Shot by Mario Sorrenti, the campaign shows Tito coiffed to the nines as he canoodles with co-star Loulou Robert in front of some très jolie flower arrangements, wearing, of course, Tous’ s/s 2013 collection.

And in case you can’t get enough Tito, I’ve included some extra photos from his Facebook page, which is run not by Tito himself, but by his perfectly sane owner, “celebrity dog groomer” Jorge Bendersky, who talks about Tito in terms like, “Tiny and cute; perfectly groomed and so sweet; Tito’s adorable personality is a hard one to beat!” So inspiring. More »