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Do You Need A 73 Point Dating Checklist? MissAdvised‘s Julia Allison Explains Hers.

Do You Need A 73 Point Dating Checklist? MissAdvised's Julia Allison Explains Hers.

One of our former contributors, Julia Allison, is now on a Bravo Reality Television Show called Miss Advised. The Emma-Esque premise follows a group of three women in the dating advice industry (relationship columnist Julia Allison, matchmaker Amy Laurent and talk show host Emily Morse) on their search to find love. You can watch the trailer here or tune in when it airs at 10/9c tonight.

Now, I’m no Austen fan, but it sounds cute.

That said, when we heard about it, our first question was why? Why would anyone want to be on a reality television show? So we talked to Julia about it. That and her 73 point dating checklist. More »