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Party Favors: Be a Little Bitch

Party Favors: Be a Little Bitch

The Millionaire Matchmaker herself, Patti Stanger, has some unsolicited love advice for Julian Assange. – Esquire

How to tell if you’re a clingy girlfriend. Step one: you couldn’t let go of his arm long enough to read this article. – Betty Confidential

You should be a bitch in bed. But nowhere else, obviously, or the mens wouldn’t like you enough to get in bed with you in the first place. – YourTango

These outdated euphemisms for sexual terms need to be avoided like the plague. – TresSugar More »

Gallery: Who Can Pull Off A Turban (And Who Can’t)

Gallery: Who Can Pull Off A Turban (And Who Can't)

Turbans are back. According to the Examiner, which recommends pairing a turban with some sweatpants (I imagine before you go on a brisk jog where you’ll formulate other bad ideas):

“it dates back to vintage glamour from the 1920′s, and we love a great vintage accessory come back! The 1920′s was such a classic era for fashion, therefore the turban is a great way to pay homage to the decade.”

Oddly, I notice no on is enthusiastic about the opium pipe I’ve been toting around, or my tortoiseshell diaphragm. I do not know why. I guess most of the people I encounter don’t like vintage glamor, or realize that you need a “turtle friend” in a world full of Julian Assange types.

Anyhow, let’s rate how well turbans work on different people: More »