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Justin Theroux’s Penis Auditions For Jon Hamm’s Body By Making Its Media Debut

Justin Therouxâs Penis Auditions For Jon Hammâs Body By Making Its Media Debut

If you’re a penis who really wants to make it in  this town, you’ve got to be attached to the only crotch that matters. And that crotch obviously belongs to one and only Jon Hamm. Once you make it  there, the saying is you can make it everywhere…that Google safe search is turned off. So that’s why I’m not surprised to see Justin Theroux’s penis auditioning for the coveted role when he (Justin, not his penis) went on a run recently. Although Justin, his current owner and legal handler, seems unaware of his penis’ cameo, Wikileaks says it still counts as a legitimate audition. More »

Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding Details

Jennifer Aniston's Wedding Details

Jen’s wedding colors will be turquoise, being a good sport, and “Lean In,” Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s new book.

Guests who are unable to demonstrate their ability to “have it all” will be turned away at the door.

Each member of the bridal party will be given a rescue dog; if they already have a rescue dog, their rescue dog will be given a seeing-eye dog. More »