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I Don’t Get Why People Care About Karen Owen

I Don't Get Why People Care About Karen Owen

“Talking about Karen Owen and her fuck list now? Surely TheGloss is late to the party!”


No, I am not late to the party. I didn’t want to go to the party at all. But now that my geriatric neighbors are talking to me about whether or not Karen Owen is a symbol of my generation (I think 85 year old Mrs. Steinberg down the hall wants to hang out and compare fuck lists, I really do) I feel like I’ve been abducted, bundled in my snuggie and dragged kicking, screaming, biting and wailing to the party.

So, fine. Fine, you harpies. Let’s talk about Karen Owen. More importantly, let’s talk about why Karen Owen and her now famous fuck list really shouldn’t be the that big a deal. More »