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8 Famously Bad Celeb Hairstyles We’re Still Not Over

8 Famously Bad Celeb Hairstyles Weâre Still Not Over

Celebrities are just like us, right? Wrong. I believe this statement as much as I believe pigs can fly or I’ll marry Ryan Gosling. No matter how many times a magazine spread shows a famous person in the grocery store, I don’t buy that they deal with ALL of the same issues us normal folks do. Case in point: the hairstyle. When a regular girl gets a bad haircut, she cries in front of the mirror every time she gets a glimpse of herself.  When a celeb does something wacky with her hair, people just can’t get enough! Even if it’s horrible, people still want more more! The perfect example of this phenmomnemon is Kate Gosselin. It was seriously hard to make sense of her hairstyle on Jon and Kate Plus 8 and I imagine I was not alone in wondering how her cropped, multi-colored, multi-length bob came to be. More »

Snooki’s Writing a Book and We Thought of a First Draft

Snooki's Writing a Book and We Thought of a First Draft

Sometimes, when reality TV stars get book deals I get mad (Lauren Conrad, Kate Gosselin, Bethenny Frankel and every other Real Housewife of any city). What do they know about writing a book? What do they know about anything, really? Other than famewhoring. But that’s just me being bitter. Sorry. However, when I learned of the news that Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi got a deal with Simon & Schuster to write a novel called, A Shore Thing, I didn’t get mad. I’m ecstatic! More »