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13 Celebrities Who Don’t Look Like They Have Aged At All

13 Celebrities Who Don't Look Like They Have Aged At All

Happy Paul Rudd‘s Birthday, everyone! Or, as I like to call it, Happy SERIOUSLY-HOW-CAN-PAUL-RUDD-BE-46 Day! It’s already been pretty well-established that Paul doesn’t look like he’s aged a day in his life. In fact, we’ve recently voiced growing concerns that he’s actually a vampire, but we’ve yet to hear back from his representatives (mostly because we never contacted them). Paul’s not the only one, though More »

15 Insanely Photoshopped Vogue Covers

15 Insanely Photoshopped Vogue Covers

Despite the fact that she’s widely loved as an actress–and lauded as a crusader for more positive body image–there’s been a hefty internet-wide backlash to Kate Winslet‘s recently-dropped Vogue cover. Of course, the problem has nothing to do with Winslet herself… and everything to do with Vogue‘s over-eager retouchers.

But the painting of Winslet on the November cover isn’t exactly new territory for Voguethey recently hacked off Claire Danes‘ limbs, for one. Moreover, there are quite a few covers from the last ten years that rival Winslet’s for showcasing humans who don’t exactly resemble humans. Let’s take a look. More »