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7 Supermodels With Notoriously Bad Attitudes

7 Supermodels With Notoriously Bad Attitudes

Earlier today, fashion photographer Bruce Weber revealed that the only model he’s ever kicked off set was (his now-friend) Cindy Crawford–the two were working on a Revlon shoot back in the day and apparently the young supermodel was so rude to the crew that Weber lost his temper and sent her home. Crawford in her ’90s heyday could get away with just about anything, though, so the ejection probably came as a cruel surprise.

Of course, this one little anecdote doesn’t qualify Crawford for the pantheon of models with legendarily bad attitudes–the phone-throwing, trash-talking, always late to everything supermodels like the ones below. More »

John Galliano’s In British Vogue With Kate Moss, But We Haven’t Forgotten His “I Love Hitler” Comments

John Galliano's In British Vogue With Kate Moss, But We Haven't Forgotten His "I Love Hitler" Comments

Kate Moss is on the December cover of British Vogue and inside, she’s featured in a shoot with her her bestie, ostracized anti-Semitic designer John Galliano.  It seems like this high-profile appearance might herald Galliano’s return to the fashion world in earnest, but even if he’s been accepted back into the fold by the fashion elite, I’m thinking it’s going to be a bit difficult for the rest of the world to forget that he was recorded in 2011 saying things like “I love Hitler.” More »