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Gallery: Katie Holmes Gets Photoshopped To Hell And Back In Harper’s Bazaar Russia

Gallery: Katie Holmes Gets Photoshopped To Hell And Back In Harper's Bazaar Russia

Katie Holmes-like figure is on the October cover of Harper’s Bazaar Russia, but I’m not convinced they didn’t just paint a picture of Katie Holmes because they couldn’t get the real one for a photoshoot. But whether or not they started with real photos of her, the level of Photoshop abuse is truly surreal. They painted fake shadows all over the place and make her skin look like plastic, while somehow also managing to make her look older in the process. If I were Katie Holmes, I’d be pissed! More »

I’m Team Tom Cruise

I'm Team Tom Cruise

A lot of people have been coming down on Tom Cruise lately. I’m not sure what that’s about – probably just a bunch of rumor, hearsay and conjecture – and since I don’t normally like to truck in nonsense, I won’t respond. In my experience talk is usually just that – words made up, and then said by a mouth, that sometimes sound funny and British, but not always. But, before you judge a man, I think you owe it to him to look at where he came from. Here are the FACTS: More »

Guess How Much This Collar Costs

Guess How Much This Collar Costs

Let’s play the “how much do things cost” guessing game! Which I guess is actually called The Price is Right! Whatever. There’s no prize here but knowledge. This collar costs…

1) $15.75 – Urban Outfitters

2) $500 – Chloe

3) $37,500 – Designed by Karl Lagerfeld

4) $59,000 – A prototype designed by Katie Holmes for Scientology centers. More »