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Children Make Awesome Sartorial Choices Because They Just Don’t Give A Shit

Children Make Awesome Sartorial Choices Because They Just Don't Give A Shit

It’s a casual Friday at the office. In a choice that shocked absolutely no one, I’m wearing jeans and a sweater. A gray sweater. And some black loafers. I’m about as boring as fashion comes. As Michael Kors likes to tell people on Project Runway, I’m the sartorial equivalent of a Xanax.

Wanna know what my daughter is wearing on this fine Friday? A blue Spiderman t-shirt she picked out from the boy’s department, a brown corduroy skirt, red tights with butterflies on them and tan cowboy boots. Needless to say, she picked out the outfit herself. And she’s completely and utterly adorable. More »

Gallery: Your First Look At Versace… For Kids

Gallery: Your First Look At Versace... For Kids

These days, being a luxury label has a few new terms: namely, you must produce a collection for every season (even if they don’t exist) and you have to make a line for kids. Lanvin just did it, Gucci did it, and now Versace. Perhaps as a balance to the Italian house’s recent branch into low end, they’ve just released a collection of unapologetically luxe clothes for those little tree-climbing, grass-rolling-in, dirt-eating, vomit monsters we call children. More »