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You Won’t Believe What Happened At This Kid’s Play Center – But It Involved Jello Wrestling

You Wonât Believe What Happened At This Kidâs Play Center â But It Involved Jello Wrestling

When my kids were smaller I used to take advantage of those kids play centers where you could drop your kids off for a few hours while you went shopping or to a grownup movie or you just wanted some time without someone demanding you watch another episode of Little Bill. These places are usually well staffed with tons of junk to keep kids amused, ball pits, slides, and other kid friendly junk. They are great if you don’t use traditional daycare but want to let your kids get their ya-yas out for a while. But it seems like this play center located in Melford, New York wanted grownups to be able to get their ya-yas out too, so they hosted an adults only ‘pajama party.’ More »