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‘Des Hommes Et Des Chatons’ (Men And Kittens) Is The Best Tumblr I’ve Discovered All Month

'Des Hommes Et Des Chatons' (Men And Kittens) Is The Best Tumblr I've Discovered All Month

Happy Friday, everyone! If you are still sitting at a desk in an office, chances are you are 100% checked out by now, for which I do not blame you. It’s fucking spring outside, at least in New York. Why not wile away the final thirty minutes of your work week by looking at pictures of cute men and handsome kittens? Because that’s what I’ve been doing for the past half hour or so.

As everyone knows, conventionally attractive people and cats are the two most viewed types of beings on the internet, and therein lies the genius of the Tumblr Des Hommes Et Des Chatons. (“Some men and some kittens.”) This visually appealing single-serving blog combines two great tastes that taste great together by scouring the internet for pictures of men and cats doing roughly the same pose and/or activity, then putting them together in an eye-gasm of greatness. See, folks? Cats are just like people! Or maybe people are just like cats. You be the judge. More »

How to Use Your New Cloak of Invisibility

How to Use Your New Cloak of Invisibility

ZOMG! Yes. I just did that and I’m not ashamed because this is absolutely the best news I’ve read all week. Not. Kidding. The super geniuses at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland have invented material that can make clothing invisible. Once it’s fully developed, the material, Metaflex, could manipulate light waves to make things invisible. And by things, I mean clothing. Like a cloak. Like the cloak of invisibility I will soon own to take with me to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and fulfill my dreams of living the life of a wizard. And then I will wear it everywhere. Here’s what I will do with my invisibility cloak, what will you do with yours? More »