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Russia Fashion Week Bravely Interprets Fall 2013′s “Holding Your Own Boobs” Trend

Russia Fashion Week Bravely Interprets Fall 2013's "Holding Your Own Boobs" Trend

During the most recent NYFW shows, Marc Jacobs unsurprisingly cast celebrity-progeny-of-the-moment (non-Tali Lennox divison) Lily McMenamy to walk for his Fall 2013 collection. While we were really into the gritty glam-rock aesthetic of the clothes, we couldn’t help but feel McMenamy (daughter of supermodel Kristen McMenamy) was a little jipped.* While she got to don some high-waisted shorts, pumps and fishnet gloves, she didn’t get a single additional piece, and hit the runway holding her own breasts. That’s her up there, in case your powers of deduction are lacking (or you didn’t go to Princeton). More »

Mert & Marcus’ Love Editorial Stars Supermodels, Hints At Bestiality & Necrophilia… But Is It Beautiful?

Mert & Marcus' Love Editorial Stars Supermodels, Hints At Bestiality & Necrophilia... But Is It Beautiful?

Love magazine is making quite a splash with its August issue: rolling out a bunch of different covers, featuring established top models (Lara, Mariacarla), up-and-comers (Daphne G), and young Hollywood muses (Hailee Steinfeld, Elle Fanning). The covers are all striking and moody (each star is crying, after all) but none of them so much as approach the darkness of Mert & Marcus’ editorial within, What Lies Beneath. Starring a cadre of major models–Lara Stone, Mariacarla Boscono, Saksia de Brauw, Kristen McMenamy, Guinevere van Seenus–and alludes to sex, death, myth (Leda & the Swan!), and a nightmarish mix of all three. Also, it’s full of nudity, so be warned. More »

Gallery: All Eight Of Love Magazine’s August Covers, Plus Reasons Why Each Model Is Crying

Gallery: All Eight Of Love Magazine's August Covers, Plus Reasons Why Each Model Is Crying

After building up anticipation by releasing a couple of cover shots early, Love Magazine has finally unveiled all eight of its spooky August covers. They feature such heavy hitters as Lara Stone (above), Nyasha Matonhodze, and Hailee Steinfeld. Each of the eight cover models is made to look like she is crying. It’s almost too much girly emotion to handle. Are they all on their periods or something? Which tear-streaked beauty do you like the most? More »

Runway Gallery: ’90s Nostalgia At Vena Cava Fall 2011

Runway Gallery: '90s Nostalgia At Vena Cava Fall 2011

Vena Cava let everyone know what Fall 2011 was about before the show even started: the music thundering through Milk Studios was all ’90s, subtly-dancey remixes of Radiohead’s “Creep,” Garbage’s “Stupid Girl,” Luscious Jackson, Elastica, The Breeders. Every guest even received a little grunge-era zine (” ‘Zina Cava,” natch) with images of CK1 ads or Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp in love. Then the studio went dark: the ’90s tunes were replaced by sounds of pouring rain water and flickering lightning effects. The show began and: ’90s like whoa. We’re talking square necklines, bodycon maxis with skintight sleeves, high-waists, crop tops, and at least one polka dot mini that Courtney Love would have worn at her kinderwhore pinnacle. When PJ Harvey started growling “Down By The Water” over the sound system as the models filed out with stringy, unkempt, almost wet-looking hair and elegantly wasted glitter tears, I knew the ladies behind Vena Cava were having an intensely nineties moment. Also: flatforms. More »

Ready-to-Click: Supermodels Taking Over

Ready-to-Click: Supermodels Taking Over

A moment in the life of supe Kristen McMenamy at the Chanel atelier. -On the Runway

Speaking of supermodels, Angela Lindvall wore a daring Louis Vuitton. -Harper’s Bazaar

Victoria’s Secret Angel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a British Vogue cover girl. -Catwalk Queen

In a far more interesting move, however, VS girl Candice Swanepoel is on the cover of Italian Vogue. -Design Scene

Oprah will host a slew of supes: Christie Brinkley, Beverly Johnson, Stephanie Seymour, and Cheryl Tiegs. -Racked

George Michael’s model love, male model legal trouble, Talbots’ new flame-haired spokesmodel and More »

Runway Gallery: Spring 2011 Chanel Couture Is ’80s Nostalgia And (Too Much) More

Runway Gallery: Spring 2011 Chanel Couture Is '80s Nostalgia And (Too Much) More

I’m a fan of Chanel. But with respect to Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel couture collection which showed today, I am not a fan. The looks were dizzying in their incoherence: spider veins coming down jackets transitioned into sequined trousers, which in turn transitioned into 80′s proportions and skirt after skirt worn over pant after pant. It’s quite possible I just missed the point Mr. Lagerfeld was trying to make, but it’s also quite possible he tried to make way too many and lost his focus. More »

Greatest Fashion Editorials of the Decade: Part III, 2007-2010

Greatest Fashion Editorials of the Decade: Part III, 2007-2010

That was time consuming… sifting through ten years of fashion editorials: some beautiful, some renowned, some controversial and some straight-up unforgettable. Whatever the reason may be, here is (some of) the greatest fashion photography of the past ten years. And by greatest, of course we mean our favorite; if there’s anything we shouldn’t have missed, say so in the comments. This is Part III. Part I is here and Part II is here. More »