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Gallery: GQ Dilutes Lady Rapper Azealia Banks’ Signature Style With Lad-Mag-Ness

Gallery: GQ Dilutes Lady Rapper Azealia Banks' Signature Style With Lad-Mag-Ness

Rising hip-hop star Azealia Banks is known almost as much for her amazing sense of style as she is for her facility with beats, hooks and rhymes, but you wouldn’t know that to look at her latest editorial. In the April issue of GQ, Banks got the full on lad mag treatment, which stripped her of her usual cool outfits and left her in lingerie and not much else. I get it that it’s a “men’s magazine” and ladies have to be sexy in it, but, um…have you seen this girl? Azealia Banks is sexy in her little shorts, bright kicks, and Mickey Mouse sweatshirts, and a large part of what makes her sexy is her unique personality. Couldn’t they at least have put her in some wacky underwear? Here are the photos from the GQ editorial, plus some other ones that show how much more colorful she can be. More »

Gallery: The Six Most Stereotypically Maxim-y Quotes From Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Cover Story

Gallery: The Six Most Stereotypically Maxim-y Quotes From Jennifer Love Hewitt's Cover Story

Maxim‘s April cover story on Jennifer Love Hewitt might be the most stereotypically Maxim-y thing I’ve seen from them in quite some time, and that’s saying something. (Full disclosure: I do not read Maxim regularly.) It’s littered with quotes about how she loves pole dancing and baking cakes (sometimes at the same time!), and it looks like they Photoshopped her head onto some kind of plastic Barbie body. All in all, it’s quite the hot mess (of sexiness). Why, it’s almost like Jennifer has done market research on how to appeal to the Maxim demographic as much as possible so that they’ll tune into her prostitute mom show. Joke’s on you, Maxim readers! More »