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Dear Lady Gaga, You Shouldn’t Have Worked With Terry Richardson

Dear Lady Gaga, You Shouldn't Have Worked With Terry Richardson

Although we here at The Gloss have debated Lady Gaga’s style plenty of times, there’s no denying that she has done a fantastic job speaking out for LGBT rights. As someone who is so passionate about a positive approach to sexuality, she also made appearances with fellow LGBT activist Cyndi Lauper to talk about the importance of safe sex. That’s why we’re incredibly disappointed to learn that Lady Gaga worked with photographer Terry Richardson, whom we exposed as a creep who intimidates and sexually harasses the models he works with. More »

Cathy Horyn Is Sick of Your BS, Lady Gaga

Cathy Horyn Is Sick of Your BS, Lady Gaga

Cathy Horyn filed a Spring 2011-thus-far report late yesterday, praising a return to the glamorously sensual (Tom Ford, Donna Karan) and natural (Rodarte) in a piece entitled, “Down from the Stratosphere, Gaga Free.” Horyn sees this departure from “dead whites and galactic silver” as decidedly anti-Gaga, whose apparent stranglehold on the fashion industry for the past few seasons has sent designers running desperate for a simpler, earthier pallete of “mauve, rose, pink, tan, purple and terra cotta.” And Horyn would be absolutely right if she wasn’t kind of wrong. More »

Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress and the Question of Authenticity

Lady Gaga's Meat Dress and the Question of Authenticity

Way back in 1999, I was living in Jerusalem and happened to go to an exhibit at the Israel Art Museum titled, “Skin Deep.” I went because I’d heard that Orlan would be there – the French performance artist who used plastic surgery as her medium. Also at that exhibit was a meat dress by Canadian artist Jana Sterbak. Walking around the dress, which weighed 60-lbs and hung on a mannequin, you were confronted with, for lack of a better phrase, the sheer grossness of it. But it wasn’t just the spectacle of a dress made of meat, it was the context.

First of all, it was part of an exhibit that offered artistic commentary on superficiality, vanity, shelter, and the things we turn to for comfort and security. At that point the meat dress was browning and fetid so even if you didn’t want to look at it, you couldn’t avoid the smell. It made me think about the clothes I put on my body, and the nourishment I put into it. Artist Jana Sterbak herself offers this food for thought:

“The work also addresses issues concerning women, fashion, consumption, and the body. The equation of women with meat and the notion that “you are what you wear” are common ideas in Western society.”

As you’ve probably seen, Lady Gaga has taken to sporting her own meat wardrobe lately, most notably on the cover of Vogue Hommes Japan and at this week’s MTV Video Music Awards. More »