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Party Favors: Love at First Sight

Party Favors: Love at First Sight

Los Angeles lawmakers are trying to pass an ordinance that would require all porn actors to use condoms on set. – New York Times

More men than women believe in love at first sight. That must be because they didn’t poll any women who have ever looked at a picture of Tom Hardy. – MyDaily

This is an article about men making sure that women have orgasms. We’d suggest printing it out and “accidentally” leaving in your boyfriend’s briefcase. – AOL Health

One of you wants sex all the time, the other one could care less. There’s not an app for that, but there is a video. – YourTango

Prince Harry and his ex-girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, are reportedly back on. Or she’s just angling for a front-row seat at the royal wedding. Either way, good call. – Betty Confidential

What’s the best way to choose a Valentine’s Day gift? Passive-agressively. Generic card from CVS, anyone? – Crushable More »

How to Live Like You’re On Vacation

How to Live Like You're On Vacation

Our sister site Blisstree has a great post about the way that movies romanticize falling in love with someone while on vacation – preferably, while on vacation in a glamorous foreign locale. While it’s great to get away for awhile, the truth is that we have to spend the other fifty weeks of the year at home. Rather than being depressed about the fact that your desk hasn’t magically relocated itself to Hawaii, try to figure out how you can incorporate all the stuff you love about your vacation into your everyday life. More »