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Party Favors: How Sexy Is Your Career?

Party Favors: How Sexy Is Your Career?

There is a correct protocol for sending naked pictures of yourself to someone. Basically, ask yourself “what would Brett Favre do?” and then do the opposite of that. – HowAboutWe

Does a guy’s job make him more or less sexy? “Surgeon” and “Geologist” rank way higher than “comedian,” “sanitation worker,” and “investment banker.” – The Frisky

Worried about showing up solo to your company’s holiday party? There are several reasons why this is actually a great idea. (The hot dude in marketing is #4.) – Glamour

Can you upgrade your wedding ring without insulting your spouse? – Lemondrop

Jeremy Irons, whose anagram name is “Jeremy’s Iron,” will appear on an upcoming episode of Law and Order: SVU. He’ll play a sex therapist. – Broadway World More »