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Should You Shave Your Legs Today: A Flowchart

Should You Shave Your Legs Today: A Flowchart

Homework, cleaning the house, making dinner, squeezing in a workout, getting to the office, catching up on The Bachelor–we get it, you’re busy. With so much going on, it’s natural to look for ways to save time by cutting out the non-essentials. Like the messy time suck that is shaving your legs. So do you really have to bother? Use our handy flowchart to figure out when to shave your legs. More »

Poll: Do You Have a ‘Best Feature?’

Poll: Do You Have a 'Best Feature?'

You know how sometimes, magazines or websites (not us) will ask you what your best feature is? Like, is it your boobs, or is it your legs, or maybe it’s your hair or your eyes?

I used to have a really silly answer for that question, and it was “my hands.” Truth be told, I still like my hands, but I think I answered that way because the question makes me so uncomfortable. More »