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Poll: Do You Have a ‘Best Feature?’

Poll: Do You Have a 'Best Feature?'

You know how sometimes, magazines or websites (not us) will ask you what your best feature is? Like, is it your boobs, or is it your legs, or maybe it’s your hair or your eyes?

I used to have a really silly answer for that question, and it was “my hands.” Truth be told, I still like my hands, but I think I answered that way because the question makes me so uncomfortable. More »

Shiseido Got Her Leg!

Shiseido Got Her Leg!

I didn’t realize that Shiseido was giant limb devouring monster. Until now. But you know, she looks really cool about the fact that it chopped off one of her legs. Those cosmetics allow her to mask her pain really well. I’m going to use Shiseido forever. Please don’t hurt me, Shiseido beast. – Jezebel More »