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Big Girl Badge : I’m Not Afraid Of Death

 Big Girl Badge : I'm Not Afraid Of Death

I am no longer afraid of death. I know that sounds icky and morbid – and it is not something I think about often, only when, for example, I’m on the subway platform waiting for the 6 train and I feel a shadowy figure behind me. Taking a few steps back from the track I think what if some lunatic pushes me into an oncoming train? And then the fear dissolves when I realize that if I cannot control the inevitable (death or whatever else) – then at least I have lived a good, full life and had the opportunity to chase my dreams. More »

I’m No Longer F*cked Up, But I Still Go To Therapy. You Should, Too.

Iâm No Longer F*cked Up, But I Still Go To Therapy. You Should, Too.

Even though I’m into meditation, questioning life, and Buddhism, I’m pretty much the biggest asshole on the face of the planet. I’m the kind of person who does Bikram Hot Yoga and then lights up a cigarette the minute I’ve said Namaste. The kind of broad who has Buddha figurines all around her house, yet ends up using one to throw in a fit of rage. The kind of person who ends up having an anxiety attack whenever she tries to truly relax. You know, the kind of woman who has an Eastern mudra necklace that is supposed to ward off negativity, but sadly bought it from Lauren Conrad’s line at Kohls.

I mean, but at least I try. It’s also why therapists love me. I’m neurotic and I know it, but hey, I do TRY. More »

What Your Peeing Style Says About You

What Your Peeing Style Says About You

Everybody pees! And just like snowflakes, every pee is unique. We pee when we’ve had too much coffee at the office, too much booze at the bar, or too much water at the gym. We pee when we’re crying, standing, sitting, laughing, and yes, sometimes pooping. But what about how we pee?

Don’t be least bit surprised that how you sit solo in a stall reveals an awful lot about your personality. Curious about the nature of your number one? Click “Start Slideshow” to find our what your peeing style says about you. More »