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Japanese “Ice Bras”: An Eco-Friendly Way To Freeze Your Tits Off!

Japanese âIce Brasâ: An Eco-Friendly Way To Freeze Your Tits Off!

Regulating your core body temp can be a bitch in the summer, especially when you’re tugged by that annoying urge to “go green.” But Japanese manufacturer Triumph is here to save us! Or, at least those of us with breasts. Their “ice bras”—bras that contain built-in ice packs—were designed to be an eco-friendly way to help women stay cool during hot Japanese summers…because who needs A/C when you’re literally freezing your tits off! More »

Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned at The Gloss

Valuable Lessons I've Learned at The Gloss

Since my first interview with Lilit in August when we discussed Clueless and slap bracelets, I knew my time as an intern at The Gloss would be an extraordinary opportunity. Over the past few months I have learned more than I could ask for about the blogging community, fashion, entertainment and all kinds of relationships (romantic, office, friendly and unfriendly). But other than what I’ve learned through reading billions of articles on the web a week and attending events, the most valuable lessons I’ve learned are the ones the editors, Lilit, Jennifer and Ashley, have taught me as I’ve sat here across this giant wooden table from them. More »

Aging Fabulous Graffitti

Aging Fabulous Graffitti

Remember back in highschool when you were signing everyone’s yearbooks?? Well, nows your chance to off your words of wisdom to the masses. But, if you can’t think of anything to say, “Hi from Brenda in Ontario, Canada, is just … More »