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Poll: What Should My Daughter and I Go As for Halloween?

Poll: What Should My Daughter and I Go As for Halloween?

There is a lot of Halloween talk lately. And since I’ve had my daughter, I just haven’t dressed up. Honestly, I could never find the balance from my sexy Halloween costumes of the past and the adult Teddy Bear options presented to most mothers. But this year, we have a family Halloween party to go to. Now, I could do the same thing as always: dress up Brenna and attend the party as her mother. But, the invites expressly stated that adults and children should dress up. Panic is creeping into my throat. More »

‘Parent’ Does Not Equal ‘Old’

'Parent' Does Not Equal 'Old'

I ran into a high school acquaintance this weekend. Let’s call him Colin, because that’s his name. Colin was a senior when I was a freshman. I remember looking up to these seniors like they were the coolest beings on earth. Colin and his group of friends were the kind of guys I wanted to surround myself with, the kind of guys I wanted to want me. How that worked out, you’ll all just have to guess. But my story today isn’t about high school, it’s about running into each other 6 years later.

Today, Colin is still cool. More »

How to Find ‘Me Time’ (Especially When You Have a Kid)

How to Find 'Me Time' (Especially When You Have a Kid)

Just like millions of women everywhere, like Oprah and Jessica Pauline Ogilvie, I have trouble finding a little time for myself. And for those of you who have this problem, there is a lot of advice about how to make time for yourself. Seriously, those are all separate links. There’s LOTS of advice out there. And most of it tells us to do things like, “Put it on Your Calendar.” Or “Know When to Say No.” My favorite is “Learn to Delegate.” Now, this is all great advice and I’m sure it works. For some wonderful, magical women out there, delegating works really well to get alone time. I’m assuming it’s because those imaginary ladies have people to delegate to. And calendars to put things on, calendars that everyone actually follows. More »

Elin Nordegren, Divorce, and Single Motherhood

Elin Nordegren, Divorce, and Single Motherhood

It should be really easy to hate Elin Nordegren. She’s gorgeous, rich and not falling apart at all. I happen to like my celebrities to be of the trainwreck variety. We’ve been hearing for months that Nordegren went crazy when she found out about her husband’s whorish tendencies. I had great pictures in my head of an angry Barbie doll chasing her husband down the street with one of his beloved golf clubs. We all knew that she would get millions of dollars and settle down in a perfectly blissful life. That crazy lady with the nine iron – that was my kind of celebrity. But now, she’s calm and grieving, sharing her story with People magazine. I expected to flip through the interview, without really reading it, and say, “Poor, poor rich girl. It sucks to be you. Glad that’s over…”

Except if you actually read Elin’s interview, she seems like a very difficult person to dislike. More »