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6 Extremely Easy DIY ’90s Nostalgia-Themed Costumes

6 Extremely Easy DIY '90s Nostalgia-Themed Costumes

The ’90s are back–exactly like how the ’80s were back when we were ’90s kids. Weird how that happens.

Anyway, Halloween is great for super ambitious art students and all, but for the rest of us–who want to walk the fine line between not spending any money/time on a costume and not being the asshole who didn’t even bother–here are some suggestions for mind-numbingly easy DIY ’90s themed stuff. More »

Friday Style Icon: Safe Sex Advocate Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes

Friday Style Icon: Safe Sex Advocate Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes

By now you guys probably know that slow motion fail XOJane published a completely objectionable article by a supposed “health editor” in which she talks about how Plan B is her preferred method of birth control because she hates condoms and the pill makes you fat and you can only have so many abortions. LOL!! ;) right? No. Everyone at TheGloss (and editors at Mommyish and The Grindstone) want the article’s author Cat Marnell to crawl into a dark place and stay there. Or at least promise never to breed.

However, before XOJane editors start whining on Twitter about how we’re being “hateful” without once acknowledging the author’s reprehensibly flippant attitude towards women’s reproductive health and their own astonishing irresponsibility, we want to do something not mean! We’re going to be positive! More »