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Ready-To-Click: Get Gorgeous For The Holiday Weekend

Ready-To-Click: Get Gorgeous For The Holiday Weekend

6 party perfect Summer hairstyle and dress combinations to rock (hopefully) this holiday weekend. -Refinery29

And some more good July 4th-inspired fashion to go with. -The High Low

Has anyone else noticed how on-point Liv Tyler is lately? Here’s her style evolution as evidence. -StyleList

Pageant mom forcibly bleaches her kids’ teeth. -Styleite

Bradley Cooper with dreadlocks, holding a baby tiger. -The Frisky

Perhaps the most uncomfortable shoes ever. -College Candy

Back facials? …6 ways to make your back sexier. -Betty Confidential

Ready-To-Click: Thierry Mugler’s X-Rated Campaign

Ready-To-Click: Thierry Mugler's X-Rated Campaign

“Unless you get really jazzed about scrota, [the new Mugler campaign video is] nothing to write home about. -Styleite

Fashion appropriating iconic images throughout art history. -Jezebel

L’Oreal can help you find the perfect (L’Oreal) lipstick. -The High Low

Liv Tyler looks great in Stella McCartney. -StyleList

While Elle Fanning wore a delicate Marc Jacobs. -College Candy

Glowing skin and a bold lip for summer. -Birchbox

Sally Hansen’s crackle overcoat is gaining quite a following. -Betty Confidential

Friday Style Icon: Liv Tyler & Her Co-Workers From ‘Empire Records’

Friday Style Icon: Liv Tyler & Her Co-Workers From 'Empire Records'

Empire Records is just a feast of a guilty pleasure, isn’t it? It was perfect for us ’90s kids who were too young to work in record stores but dreamed of how cool it would be–if we ever got that fantasy job selling CDs, we’d just crush on Oasis and listen to Better Than Ezra and the Gin Blossoms all day. Or so we thought at age 12. Anyway, Liv Tyler looked so pretty, Robin Tunney was so tortured, Ethan Embry sent so many teenage hearts aflutter and Brendan Sexton III was in it. But everything comes together in the end. More »