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Should You Live With Your Significant Other?

Should You Live With Your Significant Other?

Today, editors Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff are debating the age old question of cohabitation: should you live with your significant other? …Obviously we don’t mean because we are delicate flowers and don’t want to encourage unclean sexual urges; more like because sometimes you want to stay up all night, drinking in bed, watching TV, eating takeout. Sometimes you want to be a scumbag. But does a significant other hinder that?

Read the discussion and then let us know: Is it better to live alone? Or better to save on rent live in love?
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5 Important Things You Learn From Living Together

5 Important Things You Learn From Living Together

Living together during a relationship has it’s pros and cons. Some say that neither party will purchase a bovine whose milk they can drink without paying for it in advance. Others say there’s no other way to know whether said bovine is the bovine for you without first testing the waters.

Well, I’m here to tell you that living together certainly is a great way to take the next step with a cow that you’ve known for a while, and also a person that you’re dating. Here are five things that you can’t learn about someone unless you live with them: More »