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Campaigns: See Chanel’s Clever, Subtle New Sunglasses On Claudia Schiffer

Campaigns: See Chanel's Clever, Subtle New Sunglasses On Claudia Schiffer

Images from Chanel’s Fall 2011 eyewear campaign dropped a few days ago and they’ve stirred up a little frenzy because supermodel Claudia Schiffer looks like she always does (hot). Having become familiar with the new styles, I can’t help but say that I’m less concerned with Karl Lagerfeld’s longtime muse being beautiful and instead kind of impressed with Chanel for its clever bit of branding: the arms of the collection all feature a chain detail that looks identical to the straps of Chanel’s iconic quilted handbags, which is to say the new sunglasses covertly broadcast their manufacturer without the crassness of giant, fuck-off interlocking C’s. This has lead me to wonder about “logo-whoring” in general: More »