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Gallery: What Do You Think Of This Batman Themed Clothing Line For Grown Women?

Gallery: What Do You Think Of This Batman Themed Clothing Line For Grown Women?

In a bit of unexpected cross promo with The Dark Knight Rises, British design label Lazy Oaf is about to release a line of Batman themed clothing for grown-ups. Which makes me wonder: is it ever really possible to make “hip” clothing that takes itself seriously— as the numerous shots of a model wearing Batman clothes, doing editorial poses, and making sexyface would suggest—out of a movie based on a superhero comic? I don’t think so, but maybe you disagree! Peruse the photos and tell me what you think. More »

Evaluating The Butts In Tom Ford’s Latest Lookbook

Evaluating The Butts In Tom Ford's Latest Lookbook

Tom Ford‘s Spring/Summer 2012 lookbook is here and, for him, it’s actually kind of tame. There are no brawny Swedish triplets, no butt-buffing, no perfume strips coming out of butts. In fact, this lookbook is surprisely less butt-focused than usual for Ford. But there’s still lots of butts. Here’s some of them.

A note: this is NFSW. There’s a flash of nipple but people are variously undressed throughout.
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Gallery: Jenny Slate Cutes It Up In Bass Hearts Rachel Antonoff’s Spring Lookbook

Gallery: Jenny Slate Cutes It Up In Bass Hearts Rachel Antonoff's Spring Lookbook

Comedienne Jenny Slate is pretty much a professional cuteness incubator at this point. Her comedic persona is a delightful mixture of cuteness and raunch (without the grating try-hardy-ness of Sarah Silverman), and her much discussed animated short Marcel The Shell With Shoes On pretty much shot her into the cuteness stratosphere. It comes as no surprise, then, that Bass Hearts Rachel Antonoff (a collaboration, yes, between Bass and Rachel Antonoff) would tap her to put their shoes on for their spring 2012 lookbook. I dare you to feel anything but childlike whimsy towards these photos. More »

Gallery: Every Single Piece From Versace’s H&M Collection

Gallery: Every Single Piece From Versace's H&M Collection

After months of hanging on every campaign shot and rumor (and after enduring the menswear collection), the Versace x H&M lookbook is here. The collection is comprised of 50 unisex grey smocks, all of which obscure the figure from below-the-knees and rise to a high neckline. Basically, it makes the Comme des Garcons x H&M collection look like a bunch of slutty Halloween costumes. More »

Collaborations: Club Monaco x Dazed and Confused Is Unexpected, Pretty Great

Collaborations: Club Monaco x Dazed and Confused Is Unexpected, Pretty Great

Breezy casual brand Club Monaco has partnered with arbiter of downtown appeal Dazed and Confused for… what, exactly? We’re not totally sure as to the nature of the collaboration (is D&C styling Club Monaco’s designs? Or are they collaborating on the design itself? How does one collaborate with a magazine exactly?) but what we do have is the Fall 2011 lookbook and it’s pretty cool… floppy hats, embroidered bags, faux-fur jackets and boho dresses hit the currently-huge ’70s throwback mark but there’s also a pervasive grunge influence. And, since we’re dealing with Club Monaco, the collection is super wearable and not too costume-y as much of that ’70s stuff tends to be. Anyway, we were pretty impressed. Take a look. More »

Gallery: Alexis Bittar’s New Lookbook Is Bizarre, Hallucinatory & Worth Checking Out

Gallery: Alexis Bittarâs New Lookbook Is Bizarre, Hallucinatory & Worth Checking Out

Fashion and Hollywood favorite Alexis Bittar–the man behind so many insane statement-making cuffs and cocktail rings–has unleashed his Resort 2012 lookbook upon the world and it is… crazy? Awesome? Relentlessly weird? The sprawling set of images features a mannequin (which is typical for the brand) in dozens of strange, kaleidescopic collages with recurring graphic themes like stripes and the great outdoors (lot of plants, animals, mountains and bodies of water), but you’ll have to see it for yourself. More »

Celebrity Collaborations: Amy Winehouse’s Posthumous Collection For Fred Perry

Celebrity Collaborations: Amy Winehouse's Posthumous Collection For Fred Perry

You all know the backstory so let’s just stay succinct: Amy Winehouse was designing for sporty Brit label Fred Perry, Amy Winehouse passed away in July, this is probably the last collection to have had direct involvement with her. The label claims to have sought the blessing of the singer’s family before launching Fall, which is a lot more subdued compared to the previous season. The 27 piece collection is comprised mostly of gray and black. Here’s the lookbook. More »

Gallery: Free People’s Vegan Leather Lookbook

Gallery: Free People's Vegan Leather Lookbook

There’s this weird dichotomy that comes with being a vegan who’s into punk rock. On the one hand, you just want to SMASH EVERYTHING. On the other, your heart melts into nothing whenever you see a small, furry animal. Earth Crisis fans have been living this paradox for years. Now, fans of fauxhemian fast fashion can, too (sort of) with Free People’s line of fake leather clothing, for which they just released a lookbook featuring their own employees. No animals were harmed in the making of these items, and, as an added bonus, they are cheaper than real leather. Win-win. But do these clothes look as cool as real leather? You be the judge. More »

Gallery: Andrej Pejic And “Zombie Boy” Team Up For Auslander Lookbook

Gallery: Andrej Pejic And "Zombie Boy" Team Up For Auslander Lookbook

Andrej Pejic and Rico “Zombie Boy” Genest might be the two most recognizable male models working right now: Andrej for his lovely, gender-bending look, and Zombie Boy for his insane full-body tattoos (tattoo?). Hence, it makes sense that Brazilian brand Auslander would want to dress them up in its stylish (but rather basic) clothes. In addition to having them walk the runway for its Spring 2012 show in Rio, the brand made its summer catalog all about the two unique-looking fellows. People may or may not remember the clothes, what with all the zombie-ness and androgyny going on, but they are certainly neat images nonetheless. More »