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Makeup Inspired By: Lindsay Lohan’s Dramatically Apathetic Look In The Canyons

Makeup Inspired By: Lindsay Lohan's Dramatically Apathetic Look In The Canyons

Much has been said about Lindsay Lohan in Bret Easton Ellis’ The Canyons. Despite a lot of hype, some obnoxious interviews and a pretty fantastic trailer, the film itself has received primarily awful reviews — even from the actors themselves. However, I plan on seeing it because, despite all her idiocy, irresponsibility and the tragedy that was Liz & Dick, I still want to like LiLo in films again.

Personally, I love her look in The Canyons. It’s got that dark, apathetic Los Angeles air to it that’s pervasive throughout all of Ellis’ books. So, here’s my attempt at recreating that look. More »

Makeup Inspired By: Slimy, Slippery, Splashy Snails

Makeup Inspired By: Slimy, Slippery, Splashy Snails

When I was a kid, I used to love beetles and snails and all things colorful that crawled. Nowadays, I’m one of those people who becomes hilariously frantic when arthropods are anywhere near me, but I still love snails.

This week, I wanted to pay tribute to our lovely little friends who leave pretty trails behind with their slime. This was kind of a weird tutorial to do since it uses so many different shades, but I wanted to play up the blended, multi-hued nature of these guys, as well as the aforementioned slime trails.

Perhaps not Gail the Snail so much, though… More »

BB Creams We Tried & Liked

BB Creams We Tried & Liked

As you may have deduced from my 2000 word BB Cream exegesis, I have tried dozens of different versions over the past few weeks. This has involved many lunchtime trips to Sephora, many beleaguered publicist friends I have harassed for samples, much slathering of more suspicious products on EIC Jennifer Wright and a blemish or two. I’m not kidding, though, I think I tested every BB Cream available in the states. These are the ones that stuck out. More »

Your Best Fall Face: Our Gigantic Fall 2011 Beauty Guide (With Indispensable Buys At Every Price)

Your Best Fall Face: Our Gigantic Fall 2011 Beauty Guide (With Indispensable Buys At Every Price)

Holy shit it’s Fall. You know what that means? Out with the bronzers, the towering SPFs, the NARS Orgasm Illuminator… in with a face that–judging from the Fall 2011 runways–actually just looks like a paler version of the Spring face: bold lips, fresh skin, defined brows…? Well, there’s definitely something wearable for every skintone, so that’s a start. Anyway. TheGloss has handpicked some of Fall 2011′s major beauty trends and assembled the following guide, which features a bunch of really solid beauty buys, from drugstores and beyond. More »

L’Oreal Is Developing A Pill That Will Prevent Gray Hair

L'Oreal Is Developing A Pill That Will Prevent Gray Hair

Imagine a perfect utopia in which all skin is tan and firm, all bodies are toned and hairless, all breasts point skyward and no one has a single lock of gray hair. Look closely: this world is terrifying.

…However, there is certainly a market for any and all kinds of anti-aging products and graying hair is pretty high on the list of concerns. Consequently, L’Oreal has announced they’re working on a pill that will prevent the little salt and pepper strands from ever forming More »

Ready-To-Click: Thierry Mugler’s X-Rated Campaign

Ready-To-Click: Thierry Mugler's X-Rated Campaign

“Unless you get really jazzed about scrota, [the new Mugler campaign video is] nothing to write home about. -Styleite

Fashion appropriating iconic images throughout art history. -Jezebel

L’Oreal can help you find the perfect (L’Oreal) lipstick. -The High Low

Liv Tyler looks great in Stella McCartney. -StyleList

While Elle Fanning wore a delicate Marc Jacobs. -College Candy

Glowing skin and a bold lip for summer. -Birchbox

Sally Hansen’s crackle overcoat is gaining quite a following. -Betty Confidential