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Party Favors: Even Your Eyewear Can Be Plated With Gold

Party Favors: Even Your Eyewear Can Be Plated With Gold

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Hunger Games: My Struggle With Anorexia

 Hunger Games:  My Struggle With Anorexia

I know you want to hear a number, but I’m not going to give one because numbers are part of the problem. If I say, “I lost x pounds in a month, and this is how I did it,” I might mean it in a cautionary way (“This is how I fucked up my body,”) but when I was fucking up my body, I would have seen it as a how-to. I judged everyone by how much they weighed, and I took what people had to say about health less seriously the more they weighed. So I’m not saying anything about numbers.

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Real Talk: Do You Gain Boyfriend Weight?

Real Talk: Do You Gain Boyfriend Weight?

Brandy Alexander’s piece about dieting being difficult with a boyfriend as well as the one from a reader whose husband made her lose weight really made us think about the influence relationships have on our eating habits. We have always believed that the end goal of all relationships is “eating Chinese food in bed” so we assumed that everyone put on a few pounds when they were in a relationship. Did we assume right? Maybe, sort of! More »

Look! A New Fad Diet! Would You Try ‘Le Forking’?

Look! A New Fad Diet! Would You Try 'Le Forking'?

Since we’ve already heard about how dieting is terrible, lets review a new fad diet! Apparently the Dukan Diet is out, Le Forking is in. It’s gaining popularity in France and dictates that during your evening meal you’ll only consume foods that can be eaten with pronged utensils. Elle Magazine [print] reports “no it’s not legal to grab a cheeseburger and gnaw.” But what can you eat? Let’s review (and maybe make fun of it a little in the comments if you feel like it! Or not. It doesn’t sound like the worst thing ever.) More »

Hunger Games: What I Remember About Being A Size 0

Hunger Games: What I Remember About Being A Size 0

I’m 5’8. I’m naturally about a size 4, which you would think would be just fine, except, I don’t know, society, man. Once, when I was in college, I successfully managed to drop down to a size 0 for a year. I wanted to be really skinny because I figured it would insure me a happier, better life. I did it by not eating anything I wanted to eat, ever, and crying all the time, mostly because I was so hungry. It resulted in me being really unhappy, which is something diet magazines rarely tell you! Here’s what I remember from that period More »

Do These Ads Make You Want To Go To The Gym?

Do These Ads Make You Want To Go To The Gym?

Do they? Because they just make me want to hang out with people who don’t try to cook hot-dogs with blowtorches. I want to hang out with normal people who cook hot dogs normal people style. Although I get the burning calories thing. Though if I hung out with people who offered me only the charred remnants of a hot dog that had been in a building that burnt to the ground I’d probably have a lot fewer calories inside me to begin with. So, that’s interesting. That’s an interesting weight loss program you have there, Gold’s Gym. More »