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Finally, There’s Valentine’s Day Advice for Polyamorists

Finally, There's Valentine's Day Advice for Polyamorists

There are so many etiquette questions related to Valentine’s Day. How much money should I spend on a gift? What’s an appropriate gift for someone you’re only casually dating? And, of course, how do I handle the holiday when I’m in a relationship with multiple people? Luckily, AOL has advice for those of you in polyamorous relationships who want to be untraditional in love but traditional in their observance of arbitrary Hallmark holidays. More »

Party Favors: No Sucking Face at Religious Sites

Party Favors: No Sucking Face at Religious Sites

What should you do when your ex-boyfriend hits on you in front of his new girlfriend? Ask a cat for advice, obviously. – Blisstree

PDA is always wrong, but it’s even wronger at a Hindu temple. – YourTango

A Chinese woman who was forced to get an IUD is now trying to claim asylum in the United States. Wasn’t there a West Wing episode about this? – The Frisky

No one likes having a terrible Valentine’s Day. But those awful days seem better when you turn them into a poem. – Betty Confidential

Living together in sin is basically the same as being married. Except for when it isn’t. – TresSugar

Women tend to buy sexier clothes when they’re ovulating. I usually just buy new jeans because I’m bloated and nothing fits me anymore. – AOL Health More »