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Party Favors: Whatevs, Totes Don’t Text That Dude Those Emojis

Party Favors: Whatevs, Totes Don't Text That Dude Those Emojis

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Party Favors: Single Today? Don’t Make These Rookie V’Day Mistakes

Party Favors: Single Today? Don't Make These Rookie V'Day Mistakes

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Runway cheat sheet: the best looks from NYFW. -Style List

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Letter From A Reader: Help Me Help This Girl Get Over Her Heartache

Letter From A Reader: Help Me Help This Girl Get Over Her Heartache

Last night I received an email, and it wasn’t hate mail which always makes me super happy. It was from one of our readers and I have edited the email to remove anything which may compromise her identity. I considered just emailing her back and not publishing it, but then I started thinking about you guys, all of you guys, and my co-workers, especially after she used the words “smart and badass” – because that’s what this community is. So after reading what she has to say and what we all have to say, I’m hoping some of you weigh in with your own opinions.

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The 9 Celeb Couples Who Made Us Believe That Love Is Real In 2013

The 9 Celeb Couples Who Made Us Believe That Love Is Real In 2013

Dating in Hollywood is hard. Being married there appears to be even harder. At least according to the ten hundred divorces that go down each and every year between couples who I really thought could make it. After reading depressing break-up news day in and day out, it gets harder and harder to believe that true love exists out there. In fact, if it weren’t for these 9 beautiful couples, we would give up completely. So here’s to them and the hope they’ve given us this year! More »

In Defense Of Young Love

In Defense Of Young Love

As a twenty-two year old millennial there are a lot of things I am tired of being told and called. I’m bored of the lazy and entitled trope that has become so overused that it is almost ironic. I am done with the social media bashing. I am over the abstract molds we’re suppose to fit within, and finished with the overgeneralizing and the stereotyping. I’m tired of being a millennial, not because I believe I was born in the wrong era–which I do but that’s for another time–but because I’m tired of being told I’m doing it wrong.

I’m tired of being told I’m wrong about love. More »