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Top 10 Valentine’s Day Movies

Top 10 Valentine's Day Movies

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or Single Awareness Day depending on your relationship status, one thing is true for February 14: The best thing you can do is indulge. Eating lots of chocolate? Yes. But we also mean indulge your mind in some romantic movies. When else, honestly, would you have an excuse to curl up on the couch with a Whitman’s sampler and pass some time with fictional characters brought together by casual sex, misunderstandings, or business deals? Broken hearts, impossible quests to get her back, and the sheer giddiness of falling in love… It’s all here. More »

Courtney Stodden & Doug Hutchison Celebrate Valentine’s Day Only Way They Know How

Courtney Stodden & Doug Hutchison Celebrate Valentine's Day Only Way They Know How

Do you hate your childhood? Unshy child bride Courtney Stodden and washed-up skeeve Doug Hutchison sure do! The attention seeking (and getting!) couple invited paparazzi along for a romantic outing in Los Angeles yesterday that involved feeding each other strawberries on a yacht, feeding each other spaghetti like in Lady & the Tramp, and feeding your anxieties about humanity’s decay all the while! To celebrate Valentine’s Day–and so you don’t become too stupid–we’ve included excerpts from classic love poems that don’t at all underscore the perversity of the proceedings! More »

Red State Dating Ideas Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

Red State Dating Ideas Just In Time For Valentine's Day

As I’ve already explained today, I live in Indiana. It’s a fun state full of corn fields and county fairs.

Things work a little differently here in the Midwest. So just in time for the most romantic holiday of all, I thought I would give you a couple tips on how to get down like a country girl. Okay, you aren’t really going to “get down.” In the Midwest, country is just the music we listen to. That’s why I like to refer to our social scene as red state dating. More »