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Gallery: Tease Your Eyes With These ‘Useless Luxury Objects’ (Which Will Probably Sell For Tons Of Money)

Gallery: Tease Your Eyes With These 'Useless Luxury Objects' (Which Will Probably Sell For Tons Of Money)

The people who make thousand dollar underwear will probably disagree with me, but one of the defining characteristics of a “luxury object,” as it were, is that it’s not all that useful, or at least not useful enough to justify how much it costs. Artist Jeremy Hutchison took this idea and ran with it, creating an assortment of intentionally useless luxury objects to illustrate his point. “True luxury has no function,” he tells “It is not something to be used or understood. It is a feeling: beyond sense, beyond logic, beyond utility.”

The objects will be sold at a pop-up shop at London gallery Paradise Row, where I can only guess they will go for much more than they would if they were just regular, useful objects being sold at Walmart or wherever. Does this undermine or further reinforce Hutchison’s point? You be the judge. More »

Gallery: Six Facts About The Victoria Beckham-’Designed’ Range Rover

Gallery: Six Facts About The Victoria Beckham-'Designed' Range Rover

After much hard work and mood boarding, Victoria Beckham‘s very special take on the Range Rover is finally here, and it can be yours for a mere $128,758! Let’s look at some pictures of this beautiful invention that Posh Spice took several years out of her life to go to engineering school to learn how to design licensed her name out to, and learn some facts about it. More »

RARE Vintage Mens

RARE Vintage Mens

There’s a store in NYC called RARE Vintage. Not only do they cater to Women’s fashion featuring all sorts of to-die for vintage items, they also offer Men’s items. Let me show you a few of them here.