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An Object Lesson For Esquire Editors

An Object Lesson For Esquire Editors

Yesterday, an editor at Esquire (Alex Bilmes) talked about the way women are portrayed in Esquire, and said:

“The women we feature in the magazine are ornamental. I could lie to you if you want and say we are interested in their brains as well. We are not. They are objectified..“[Esquire] provide pictures of girls in the same way we provide pictures of cool cars,” he said. “It is ornamental. Women’s magazines do the same thing.”

As Sam pointed out, this is one of those cases where people pretend that someone is being brave by saying an awful thing, when, in reality, they are still doing something awful.

Unless! Unless Esquire editors do not understand what objects are. I have a lesson for them. Take this quiz, and see if you can spot the objects vs. the human people. More »

I Went To A Playboy Casting Call – Here’s What Happens

I Went To A Playboy Casting Call - Here's What Happens

Back in the days before computers were really important, I sent actual photographs and a letter to Playboy. They liked me enough to send me a real letter on real Playboy letterhead paper asking me for more photos. I thought this was kind of cool. So I sent them some more photos, and they wrote me back a very kind rejection letter saying that I’d be kept on file for future consideration. I never heard from them again. Then I became completely distracted pursuing things that didn’t involve me being nude in magazines and forgot all about it.

Until I heard about most recent Playboy’s Casting Call being held in New York City. More »

Gallery: Check Out These Amazing Soviet Teen Glamor Shots From The ’80s

Gallery: Check Out These Amazing Soviet Teen Glamor Shots From The '80s

The wonderful blog English Russia recently scanned in some photos from the Soviet era teen magazine “Sverstnitsa,” which the blog translates to “peer girl.” They’re all taken from issues that came out in 1989, and constitute a wonderful snapshot of how Soviet teens used to dress when they wanted to look fancy. Try as they might, those mean communist leaders could not keep out the influence of the west, as you can see from the girls’ New Wave haircuts, stone washed denim, and shiny, shiny everything. I also appreciate their pin-up poses. More »

8 Really Offensive Photoshopped Covers In 2011

8 Really Offensive Photoshopped Covers In 2011

Despite the backlash women’s magazines have received on photoshopping and whittling away the waistlines, arms and thighs of their models to unrealistic proportions, these covers continue to grace our checkout lines (and hopefully not our mailboxes if you’re like me and canceled any such subscriptions). On top of portraying women as flawless with Barbie-fied bodies, these photoshopped and airbrushed photos continue to make women and girls feel badly about themselves–even though we know they are not real. More »