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Check Out These Striking Photos Of Porn Stars Before And After Their Porn Makeup

Check Out These Striking Photos Of Porn Stars Before And After Their Porn Makeup

So, this is interesting. Yesterday, Reddit got a hold of a bunch of “before and after” photos designed to showcase the work of porn makeup artist Melissa Murphy, and I must say, she is good at what she does. Whether her subject is young and fresh faced or starting to show signs of aging, she makes every performer over in that same eerie, ageless, Barbie-like style of which the industry is so fond. Buzzfeed got a hold of them today, and looked up the actresses’ ages (which may or may not be accurate, of course) to weird it up even more. The lesson that I take from this is that while not everyone might have what it takes to be in porn, pretty much everyone has the ability to look like they are. But you probably already knew that. I am also a big fan of anything that shows porn stars as human beings and not just sex dolls, and I feel like the “before” photos give us a glimpse into the more normal, less “XXX” parts of their lives. More »

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