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20 Fashion Superstars Who Can’t Stop Taking Selfies

20 Fashion Superstars Who Can't Stop Taking Selfies

Everyone has that insufferable friend on Instagram who’s constantly posting photos of himself or herself, often with a million hashtags, always with a pout. Occasionally, the selfie is ostensibly about something else–maybe “hair” like Miley Cyrus below–other times, they’re just pure, unadulterated vanity presented without apology or explanation. Oh, and sometimes that obnoxious Instagram person you follow just so happens to be famous.

Here are 20 fashion industry luminaries who love their own reflection and the various ways in which that manifests. More »

16 Stunning Red Carpet Looks In Honor Of Marc Jacobs’ 16 Years At Louis Vuitton

16 Stunning Red Carpet Looks In Honor Of Marc Jacobs' 16 Years At Louis Vuitton

By now, you’ve heard the news: Marc Jacobs is leaving his post at Louis Vuitton after 16 years with the house (for more details, here’s a link we recommend).

During his tenure, Jacobs not only designed some really beautiful clothes, he also dramatically overhauled Vuitton–taking it from luggage brand to global fashion juggernaut. Here’s some of his greatest red carpet hits under the LV banner. More »